Holistic Performance Management 
reinvented for today

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Synchronised 360 reviews aren't onerous, paid lipservice and biased

Old way of thinking

Managers own performance management

Annual goal setting and assessment is enough

Managers get periodic compliance reporting

Engagement and performance are seperate

A One-size-fits-all process 
works for every employee

Employee exit is the end of 
the journey

Customer feedback is  
for brand, 
product and 

experience, but not for
individual performance

Performance is achieved through hierarchy

Individuals own their performance

Integrated Engagement and Pulse surveys

Customer feedback as a powerful motivator for every employee

Exit interviews + ongoing connection after exit

Continual assessment of individual impact

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See how it works in this
 5 minute video

Self-service Dashboards and People Analytics

Flexibility to adjust team by team and over time

New way of thinking 

Variety of digital review forms + productive workflow used at any time and frequency

Performance is achieved through networks

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